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About Us

At the Veterinary Wellness Center, we offer a unique combination of traditional medicine and complementary alternatives in order to provide optimum patient care. The integrated approach to health encompasses the whole spectrum of available diagnostic and treatment methods – from Traditional Chinese Medicine to the most modern medicines and surgical techniques. The goal is to combine ‘traditional’ with ‘alternative’ to provide a (w)holistic approach to health care.

While much of modern medicine appears to be focused on symptom suppression, we endeavor to identify and correct the underlying problems leading to disease. Only when the cause of an ailment has been found and corrected is there possibility of lasting recovery.

At the Veterinary Wellness Center, we utilize a wide variety of tools to restore and maintain the health of our patients. We incorporate nutritional therapy, herbal/botanical medicine, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, modern diagnostics, surgery, dentistry, and pharmaceuticals.

For the team at Veterinary Wellness Center, mission success is measured by:

1) The recognition that we have provided the best overall care available, whether provided in-house, or through appropriate specialist referral;

2) Clients’ recommendation and referral of their friends, family members, and co-workers.

Our goals for success:

1) To serve our community with honesty and integrity in a kind, courteous, and professional manner.

2) To recognize the importance and value of pets in peoples’ lives as companions and members of the family.

3) To educate and equip our clients to actively participate in maintaining their pet’s well-being, prevent illness, and promote optimum function in order to live a full vigorous life.

4) To provide excellence in veterinary care by a continued increase in knowledge in various fields of medicine, through regular attendance at continuing medical education seminars and personal study.