(513) 367-4111

Our Hours

Our office hours are as follows:
9am to 1pm; 4pm to 7pm
Tuesdays 9am to 6pm
Wednesdays 9am to 1pm; 4pm to 7pm
Thursdays 9am to 6pm
Fridays 9am to 12 noon
Saturdays 9am to 12 noon (receptionist only)

Note: Office closed for lunch from 1pm to 4pm on Monday and Wednesday

Doctors hours are by appointment only.  Office hours may change periodically. If you have any questions, please call the office at 513.367.4111

We recognize the value of your time and the busy schedule that most of us live with. Therefore, examinations and surgery are by appointment only, Monday through Friday.  As an added convenience, we will schedule an early morning drop-off service when needed and offer evening office hours two days per week. This allows even our busiest clients and those traveling a significant distance to have access to our quality care.